How Do You Pronounce…?

Some of the most frequent questions that I get concerning The Year of the Red Door are about how to pronounce certain words, particularly names of characters.   “However you’d like to,” is how I usually answer.    Frowns typically ensue. So how do I pronounce these names?   I’ll just go over a few of those names that are most asked about:

Ullin — “U” as in “ugly” + “llin” as in “Lynn.”


  Gaiyelneth — “Gai” as in “guy” + “yel” as in “yell” + “neth” as rhymes with “Seth.”


  Frizella — “Fri” as in “fry” + “zella” as rhymes with “Stella.”


Robigor — “Ro” as in “roe” + “big” as in “big” + “or” as in “or.”


Collandoth — “Colland” as rhymes with “Holland” + “oth” as rhymes with “Goth.”


  Steggan — “Steg” as rhymes with “beg” + “gan” as in “gander.”


  Griferis — “Gri” as rhymes with “fry” + “fer” as in “fur” + “is” as in “hiss.”*


  Shatuum — “Sha” as in “shah” + “tuum” as rhymes with “doom.”**



  There you have it.   Just a few for now, anyway. If you have any questions about other names, or about anything else, be sure to ask!!

 # # #

*I was in the habit of pronouncing Griferis differently until at the insistence of Amy (my audio reader) I changed my ways.

**In spite of my constantly correcting her, Amy insists on pronouncing this “Sha” as in “shag” + “tuum” as rhymes with “doom.”   I won’t force the issue and risk her ire.



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  1. Deirdre says:

    Very nice post, Tim.

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