We Elifaen — By the Numbers


We, Elifaen – Numbers, Words, & Music

(Coming March 9, 2022)

By the Numbers

  • 321  – Total Length in Seconds
  • 18 – Number of Contributing Artists.
  • 11 – Number of Film-Location Countries.
  • 6 – Number of Production/Effects Contributors.

The Text

  • Script direction by William Timothy Murray (script taken verbatim from The Bellringer)
  • Actors filmed by Evhenii Siletskyi (filmed in Ukraine).
  • Audio narration recorded by Amy Brown at her studios in England.
  • Audio sound design, effects, & time editing by William Timothy Murray.
  • End Roll design, production & editing by William Timothy Murray.

The Music

  • “Angels” (main theme) composed and performed by Turpak.
  • “Storm the Gates” (end roll) composed and conducted by Jeff Heim.


Further Notes:  Why this is Not a Book Trailer

Although the phrase, “Book Trailer®” is actually a registered Trademark of COS Productions, it is used very casually (like “Coke®”).   In any case, industry authorities disagree on what constitutes a book trailer in terms of content.   All agree that any film that promotes anything in any way is a commercial, whether you call it a “trailer” or a “commercial.”   However, publishers and author-experts seem to agree that a trailer for a book must have, among other criteria,  at least the following characteristics:

  • 30-90 seconds, ideally, no more than 180 seconds.
  • Explains or summarizes the story arc, the plot, setting, or purpose of the book.
  • Contains a clear Call to Action (such as “Buy Now” or “Read Now” or “Available for 50% Off”).

We, Elifaen lacks all three of these requirements (far too long, no story/plot explanation, no Call to Action).    For that reason, it would be deemed either a very unusual trailer, or else a film short (or “short film,” if you prefer).   In fact, according to publishing and advertising industry standards and experts, We, Elifaen would probably NOT be acceptable because, regardless of other aspects, it does not direct viewers to buy the book.   That’s okay with me.   It isn’t why I made the film (see my post “We, Elifaen (About & The Making Of)”






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