News About the Release of The Bellringer

An Update

As some of you have heard, The Bellringer in epub-format is already on its way to some stores outside of the United States.   This was not my intention, and, to say the least, I was surprised to learn about it.    And I was quite baffled, too, since I stipulated a December 1st release date for all my distributors.

I did a bit of investigating, and so here I’ll give you a complete update on The Bellringer.   First, the easy things to relate:

Kindle and Smashwords Pre-Orders are up and running.   Here are the links:

So all’s well there.

(I have a third e-book distributor, XinXii, and that’s where the premature release is coming from.   I’ll come back to XinXii in a moment.)

I’m working with two print distributors: CreateSpace (primarily for my E-Store, and for Amazon), and IngramSpark (for most everywhere else).   I received the last print proofs from CreateSpace today, and they look good.   Everything is good there, and I’ll go live at my E-Store and on Amazon as planned on December 1st.  Working with CS has been a breeze.

However, there have been a lot of issues with IngramSpark.   All work ground to a halt in late October when I ordered a print proof.   It has yet to arrive.   At the same time, file uploads of revised interior layouts began failing around the same time.   But I could not get anyone at IngramSpark to respond to my messages.   At last, yesterday, after more than 30 minutes on hold, I got an Ingram CSR on the phone.   Although he did not see any issues on Ingram’s side of things that was kicking out my uploads (after uploading, btw), he did say that I could manually send in the files on a flash drive.  

SO, this morning I shipped out the files via next day express, and IngramSpark should have them tomorrow.   What all this means is that IngramSpark might not be ready in time for a December 1st release!   As you might imagine, this is very frustrating.

(I might have more to say about IngramSpark in another post on down the road.   Right now, I must wait to see what happens next with them.)

That leaves XinXii (a service of GD-Verlag out of Berlin), my primary overseas e-pub distributor.   All went well with set-up, uploads, revisions, etc.    At last, when all was ready, and the December 1st release date was firm with them, I gave them the go-ahead to finalize the data and prepare things on their side.   Then, yesterday, I received a message from XinXii congratulating me on the successful distribution of my book.   Huh?   No info, no explanation.  So I began poking around late last evening and early this morning.

The upshot is that XinXii leaves it up to their client outlets to decide whether or not to honor the release dates.   Some will, some won’t, and others won’t say one way or the other.   From what I gather, The Bellringer will be released today or within the next few days at FNAC, and maybe Casa del Libro.   Meanwhile, it appears as if Weltbild, Thalia, and a few others will honor the December 1st release date.

So, Ingram slowness and Xinxii weirdness notwithstanding, all is more or less on track for the release of The Bellringer.

Meanwhile, I hope that IngramSpark will come along.   If not, I’ll try to have an E-store up and running for print copies so that I can fill a few of the gaps left by IngramSpark.

That sums it up!   Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience.  

It won’t be long, now!

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